Part of our monthly Barrette global employee recognition program:

Congratulations to us! Barrette Outdoor Living for recently recognized as a Pillar II Leadership winner for Operational Leadership, and a Pillar V winner for Quality Assurance from Edington Associates and CBIZ Employee Services in their “2014 Edington Next Practice Awards.” This awards program recognizes organizations that are actively engaged in the pursuit of a healthy, high-performing workplace. The award highlights companies that demonstrate unique approaches to improving the wellbeing of employees and excel in innovation and initiatives. Rick from Bulls Gap accepted the awards on behalf of Barrette Outdoor Living.

Cleveland, OH Corporate Office:  BOL employees supported Red Nose Day (May 21) by donating to this great cause. Red Nose Day helps children and young people living in poverty and in the US and around the country. Donations were accepted, and employees got to wear their “red nose” for the day. Thanks to this lively group for pitching in to help!

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Barrette Employees Caught in Action:

Kevin – Shipping Supervisor, Pendergrass, GA: We had a customer that received an order with imperfections/damages on the product. The Lowes PSE, Installer and consumer were all very frustrated. On the final order, Kevin drove from Pendergrass, GA to Fayetteville, NC to hand deliver the product at the customers residence. Not only did he drive the product there, he also unloaded everything and inspected it with the home-owner and Lowes PSE to ensure they were happy. The day he did this it was 103 degrees and extremely humid. The home-owner and Lowes PSE both called to tell us how polite he was, his concern for the customer’s satisfaction/happiness was a rare thing to see out of an employee these days and they thought he was awesome. When he was pre-paring to leave, they (PSE & homeowner) had mentioned that there was a large amount of trash from the packaging because of the multiple orders. Kevin loaded the empty boxes and pallets into the trailer and took it back to Pendergrass to dis-pose of it to help them out.

Eddie – Gate Keeper, Bulls Gap, TN: Since May 7th, Eddie has worked 5 shifts while his department was shorthanded, with no help and has worked by himself after 11 pm for 6 other shifts. Not only has he done this, but he has managed to keep things running smoothly and volunteered to work 3 days of overtime on C-shift last week to keep them from being shorthanded. Nominated by: Daniel 

Jocelyn – SD Functional Analyst, St. Jean: The Credit and Collection function is a very busy function. I have been impressed by Jocelyn’s versatility. She does the Credit Application grunt work such as Trade and Bank References, Supports Collection Call follow up, Cash application, dispute follow up with Customer Service, follows on Credit Application update requests and inputs D&B and NACM Reports in SAP for paperless Credit Files. She also is growing in Financial Analysis and is spreading financial statement numbers for Credit Manager approvals. Very valuable to the Credit Department and our company. Nominated by: Sean

Bernie – SD Functional Analyst, Cleveland, OH: Performance Plus Winner. Bernie has been an enormous help during the SAP transition and all of the daily inventory allocating issues. It can be very frustrating to everyone, but she is always there to help us and we greatly appreciate everything she does. Nominated by: Doug 

Scott & Jesse – Bulls Gap, TN: Scott and Jesse voluntarily went outside to scrape and shovel the snow out of the way in the parking lot, clearing the sidewalk and the ramp leading out of the parking lot to the highway. This helped to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to leavework and arrive home to their loved ones safely. I
believe this is the exact definition of going“Above & Beyond.” Nominated by: James

Joe & Scott – Bulls Gap, TN:  “The Safe Way is the Only Way” – Tennessee has a new slogan! Thanks to Joe and Scott for submitting this winning entry, and to all BOL employees for making sure everyday is a safe day!

Shane – Electrical – Mechanical Tech, Bulls Gap, TN: On Monday January 12th, 2015, Shane was leaving work at the end of his shift. On the way to the time clock he noticed a slight buildup of powder on the back aisle of the lower plant. Before he made it to the clock, he decided to turn around and investigate the powder on the floor. He returned to the area and found that a transfer line was leaking compound on the silo pad outside. He quickly notified his supervisor and then proceeded to clean up the mess. It was a miserable rainy day and Shane went out of his way to investigate and cleanup a situation that if unnoticed could have caused a large loss of material and an even greater mess to clean up for someone else. Nominated by: John 

Les – Electrical – Mechanical Tech, Bulls Gap, TN: When we needed a line-up for production, Les worked over to finish the barrel and screw set-up we needed. In addition to completing his job, hestayed over and drove a forklift for Tool & Die so they could hang the tooling back on the line. Nominated by: Barrette employee

2015 FENCETECH Booth Award:

Congratulations to our Boerboel® and ActiveYards® teams for winning the “Best of Show” award for single booth at FENCETECH in January. The annual show, held this year in Orlando, FL, brings together fence, deck, and railing industry manufacturers, contractor and distributors. Way to go Team!

team photo (5) fencetech IMG_3122_resized (4) boerboel booth IMG_0553 AY booth


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