Boerboel® Gate Solutions Accessories Add Security & Convenience

Cleveland, OH (July 7, 2016) – Boerboel® Gate Solutions offer a variety of drop rods and accessories for use with many types of gates – including wood, vinyl, steel, metal and gates. Boerboel products are strong and secure, performance tested for long-term use and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Boerboel Drop Rods:

Boerboel drop rods are ideal for securing gates without using a latch. It simply requires a rod for each gate panel. Available in a choice of colors, materials and sizes.

  • Heavy-duty: ideally suited for steel and aluminum double drive gates, it is designed to be strong as well as simple to install and use. A heavy-duty drop rod is an excellent choice for a drive gate.
  • Standard: a perfect gate hardware solution, offering a complete kit for a double/drive gate. Included in each kit are one drop rod and 2 handles, to secure and finish almost any drive gate.

Boerboel Accessories:

  • Gate handle: a standard gate handle completes and enhances the look of any gate. The handle provides a comfortable grip and is universally designed to fit either the right or left side of a gate.
    • EZ Grip handle: this handle has an ergonomic soft touch thumb grip for a comfortable fit. Completes and enhances the look of a gate with no visible fasteners. Works with all gate types.
  • Gate stop: designed for long lasting durability. Made of steel with a silicone cover, this gate stop is the perfect addition to help prolong the life of any gate.

For The Farm:

Self-closing gate device – farm: a spring-loaded device engineered to work with both new and existing farm gates. Made of steel with a superior coating, this device can withstand extreme weather conditions.