Life at BOL Galloway


Barrette Sleep Mask Selfie’s

Galloway had a fun contest to see who can show us the funniest selfie with the Barrette Sleep mask on.  The masks were a gift for employees for Sleep Awareness month.

The winner was Frank Paulsgraff!

Barrette BOLO – Final Results

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners in the Barrette BOLO Games! Thank you to all the participants for a job well done – pat yourselves on the back for your accomplishments!

The Cleveland office has bragging rights for the 3rd year in a row!  Congratulations to Jim Georgopolis and Jim Catterson, our overall winners!

BOLO Global Walking Contest Winners

Bulls Gap

  • Office-Ghana Finish First-1,909,173
  • Floor-Turkey Crawlers-6,607,405


  • Office-Trinidad & Tobogo-1,500,052
  • Field-Our Big Fat Greek Walking Team-1,960,134

New Jersey

  • Office-Morocco-1,947,989
  • Floor-Romania-3,332,879


  • Office-US Express-1,417,335
  • Floor-1-5,848,453


  • Office-Frashtam-1,560,764
  • Floor-The Polish Broad Street Bullies-3,363,318


  • Office-Australian Inspectors-1,740,183
  • Floor-Brazil Steppers-3,325,848

BOLO Basketball Competition

Galloway BOLO:  The latest BOLO event was the basketball competition. Employees stood against a wall with three chances to make shots. When the event was over, we raffled off the arcade basketball game.  The lucky winner was Joe DeMaio. Congrats Joe and enjoy your new game!

Barrette – BOLO Games update

The Walking for Wellness challenge is a success so far!  Here are the top teams up to this point in the BOLO challenge.

Location Team Name 5/9-5/15 & 5/16-5/22 Bulls Gap-Office Walk-About Sheilas        474,801 Bulls Gap-Plant Korean Missiles     1,604,174 Cleveland- Office Trinidad & Tobago Trotters        375,777 Cleveland-Field Our big Fat Greek Walking… Read More >>

On-site Gym

Coming Soon! Stay tuned for more details on the opening of our state-of-the-art gym devoted to helping all Barrette employees stay in tip-top shape!

Fight the Ick!

Germs have a way of showing up uninvited with the change of seasons. They are not welcomed at Barrette. We are giving germs the “one-two punch” with Purell this flu and allergy season.

Heart Walk

Saturday, May 21st @ 9am Barrette will participate in the Annual American Heart Association Heart Walk. Family and friends are invited to join us at the Ocean City Boardwalk to walk in honor of our loved ones and help raise money and awareness of heart disease. Team shirts will be given out once you arrive…. Read More >>

Walking for Wellness / Fitbits

Welcome to the BOLO Games! Barrette will be walking for wellness from May 9th to July 3rd. Teams will be selected at random to compete. (Plant – 4 employees / Office – employees) Each team will select a country to use as a part of their name and compete to be the team with the… Read More >>

Smoking Cessation

Barrette wants to help you quit. Please join our support group Wednesdays at 4:00 pm for tips and information to help start a healthier you. Stop into HR for your Ciggy Piggy. We challenge you – for one month to put the money that you would normally spend to purchase your cigarettes into your piggy… Read More >>