Life at BOL Galloway

Employee Appreciation Day

October 28 was a huge event for employees, with food and pie throwing fun!  The HR department decorated the entire cafeteria, supplied homemade food, and put together a pie throwing event where employees got to vote on which manager they wanted to see get pied.  The staff enjoyed pulled BBQ chicken from Famous Dave’s, homemade apple slaw, fruit salad, roasted seasonal veggies, and cupcakes!  All food was served by the Managers and Leads as a thank you to the employees.

For the pie event, the manager with the highest votes was Tim Meehan in our Aluminum department.  Employees were able to purchase pies varying from whip cream ($5), coleslaw ($10), or blueberry/cherry pie ($20).  We raised $215 which we donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation.  And thanks to Tim for being such a trooper!