Life at BOL Cleveland

Customer Experience Winner

This has been a great week of Customer Service and “Customer Experience Winners”.  Please join me in congratulating Carol Lyn on her efforts to be our latest winner this week!!!

Carol was nominated because:

A customer who had the first iteration of Avalon installed (smaller bottom rail profile) – had reached out on Facebook because their contractor had cut one of the panels too short and they needed a new one. Unfortunately, we had discontinued that iteration of Avalon last year – the new panel wouldn’t match their bottom rail profile, and they weren’t interested in re-doing the entire install.

Carol Lyn worked with a bunch of people to locate the same panel the customer needed (we  happened to have one in the basement of EHT in the size and color the customer needed), got it over to Galloway, and had it shipped directly to the customer.

What Carol Lyn did was very much outside the scope of her role and she demonstrated a drive to improve our customer’s experience.