Life at BOL Cleveland

Customer Experience Winner

David Church is our latest Customer Experience Winner.  Please join me in congratulating David on a job well done!

David was nominated because:

On a Friday before a long holiday weekend, our very own David Church, went the extra mile to surprise and delight a homeowner. A customer from Greenville, SC, had ordered the 4×8 Chesapeake spaced picket vinyl fence panel and posts, but the quantity he ordered fell short of his total job. When he ordered the extra panels and posts at Home Depot, the order could not be delivered before the 4th of July weekend using approved carriers.

Our Operations team looked to alternative trucking options for the 3 hour trip.  Unable to find one on short notice, David Church volunteered to deliver the materials himself. On Friday evening, about 8pm, David arrived at the customer’s home.  Saturday afternoon, Dean sent this great photo of his family and completed project to David.

Thank you David, for living our values… and for illustrating so many in one act of generosity.



1.    Forget how everyone else does it
2.    Get your hands dirty
3.    Be hungry for details
4.    Align with the customer
5.    Learn from mistakes
6.    Focus on the person
7.    Succeed as a team
8.    Be better, not bigger
9.    Take the long view
10.    Enjoy the challenge