Formerly known as Regency Polymer Materials, GreenWays has been in the recycling business for nearly 20 years. GreenWays works with its suppliers providing timely pick-ups, specialized collection containers and prompt payment at fair market places for their rigid PVC scrap materials. Our suppliers include:

  • Fence and deck manufacturers, fabricators, distributors and installers
  • Home improvement suppliers, contractors, home builders and siding contractors
  • Shed, gazebo and storage building manufacturers
  • Window and door manufacturers and fabricators

While white window and vinyl fence scrap are preferred and will result in the best pricing for our suppliers, GreenWays also accepts mixed colors (gray, beige and tan).

GreenWays maximizes Barrette customer and vendor shipping routes. Development of a national routing system is currently underway.


Rigid PVC Scrap Pick-Up

From a box to a box van, GreenWays can custom design a storage and pick-up program to fit any size company and recycling need.

Containers can be stored outside so they will not take up valuable space inside your facility. Timely pick-ups mean you have more space in your yard for products instead of scrap.

Depending upon each supplier’s needs, GreenWays will supply the best container for scrap storage. We offer several options including super sacks, large or medium crates and gaylords. GreenWays can even supply trailers for high volume recycling opportunities. 

Packing Lumber Pick-Up

GreenWays will also pick up leftover 2” x 6” pieces of packing lumber from your vinyl bundle delivery and recycle them for free. Simply remove any nails, stack it next to your vinyl scrap and let our driver know at your next pick-up.