Boerboel Gate Solutions


A new line of gate hardware solutions that accompany the Barrette Outdoor Living fence line – strong, secure, and performance tested gate hinges, latches, drop rods and gate accessories backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Many product options available for use with many different choices: vinyl, aluminum, wood, chain link and farm fencing. Boerboel products are designed to hold the heaviest gates and to withstand a lifetime of openings.

Like a loyal guard dog, our products are solid, simple and secure and can be just as trusted to keep your home safe. Boerboel is the dependable choice to complete your gate project, making security easy while maintaining a decorative balance.

Boerboel Gate Solutions

Gate Hinge Kits

Tension Control Technology™ allows you to customize the resistance and speed of your gate closure. Boerboel wrap and chain link/farm hinges feature 3-way adjustability: vertical, horizontal and tension adjustments.

Gate Latches

A wide variety of options to secure your gate. Locking options accessible from either side of the gate or simple, effective gravity latches featuring our exclusive GardDog™ technology.

Gate Drop Rods

Ideal for securing gates without using a latch, it simply requires a rod for each of the gate panels.

Gate Accessories

Enhance your lock with a stylish handle or prolong the life of your gate with a gate stop. Make a manual chain link gate self-closing, by using a farm self-closing device.